The Best Lumber Related Tools

We deal with trees, wood, and lumber a lot. There are a few must-have tools that I use on a regular basis that help to make my job easier.

I’ve extensively reviewed and tried these tools in order to recommend them.

Moisture Meter

I’ve been a woodworker for most of my life. One thing I learned early in my experiences is that moister can be a woodworker’s nightmare.

Whether I’m milling lumber or thinning trees out for later firewood, I have this tool with me all the time.

The moisture meter helps me to make decision on how a log will be treated. Will it need to be placed in an area where it can dry longer before milling? Or, is the moisture content low enough to use it for other purposes? I keep

These are tools that I personally use on a very regular basis. With these tools, each job is made just a little bit easier.