Recommended Portable Generators

After heavily relying on generators for our source of electricity for the past several years, I have concluded that there’s a lot of similarities with every generator.

The differences in various portable generators is something you’ll need to conclude based on your electricity needs and convenience requirements.

I’ve narrowed my recommendation on portable generators down to two brands that I use personally.

The first one is this Firman portable gas generator found on Amazon. This is an excellent generator for RVs and travel trailers rated with 4550 maximum surge watts and 3650 running watts. There is also an optional wheel kit available for it as well on Amazon.

The second one is the Champion Dual Fuel which has been an absolute workhorse with the ability to run on gasoline or propane. Check out the most recent pricing on Amazon.

Maintaining Your Portable Generator

Something else to keep in mind is the ease of maintenance. The more features and gadgets a generator has, the more complex it might be to maintain.

Does the generator come with the tools needed to maintain it or will be additional tools needed? Simple tools like,

Especially if you plan to maintain the equipment yourself.

Other Features to Consider

Some additional features that you might like when looking choosing a generator just for you and your family. These features are not necessarily available on all brands and models of portable generators.

  • A number of plug-in options on the generator – does the generator have a TT-30R, L5-30R, and how many 5-20 receptacles?
  • DC Output option – provides a way to supply your 12-volt devices such as a water pump.
  • LED Readout panel.
  • Electric starter includes a small battery – this is very handy and easy, saving you from frustration and straining your arm.
  • Remote start and shutoff key – very convenient for not having to run out in the dark to start or shutoff the generator.
  • Fuel tank gauge – indicates how much fuel is in the tank which can help prevent running the tank empty.
  • Wheel and handle option