The Best Of What We Use In Our Life Without The Grid

I have spent a lot of hours buying and trying various items to help make our life at our forested property as comfortable as possible. Some products worked really great where other items were a complete bust.

On this page, my intent is to only present products that we still use today in our remote and gridless, lifestyle. These products have stood up the test of use over time and in some cases rigorous conditions.

Most of these items are not necessarily top-of-the-line products. They are affordable and yet still built to last.

Portable GeneratorsFlashlights
Work GlovesSolar Security Motion Lights
Indoor LightingTrail Cameras
Lumber Related ToolsPortable Propane Heater

Portable Generators

Portable LPG Heater


Work Gloves

Solar Powered Security Motion Lights

Off-grid Power Kit

Outdoor cooking stove

Outdoor cookware

Trail Cameras

Video Cameras

Lumber Related Tools – Things like moisture meter, logging or towing chain, cant hook, chainsaw sharpener, chainsaw bar holder, axe, etc.